After ten years "Hackmeeting" is back in "Milano".
Three days to present the "babau" to fear's prisoners, introduce the peer to peer economy to whom was deceived by the suicide economy, relaunching horizontal exchange overturning market's logics which annihilate people and let money decide the game's rules.

The social instability produced by all these factors translates into benefits for a group of few individuals where power is concentrated, thus letting everyone's destiny be chosen by the egoism of some.

Hackmeeting again in Milano not by chance. In a city which killed its own social spaces, being back with Hackmeeting means hitting where it hurts, demonstrating the existence of other ways of thinking, non-commercial reasonings which produce human wealth going beyond business interests, social happiness and benignant viruses against the crisis.
For this reason Hackmeeting will be preceded by a warm-up period: a series of meetings focusing on *p2p*, *fear* and *control* which will be held in the city's main universities.