Digital countercultures, economies without capital, free speech against repression
Hackmeeting - July 2-3-4 2010 - Rome

After ten years, Hackmeeting is coming back to Rome.

The event is completely self-organized: there are no organizers and consumers, only participants.

Hackmeeting is the annual meeting of communities, (not only) digital countercultures and individuals who have adopted a critical and proactive approach towards the advancement of new technologies -- which are more and more tied to social control, the business of war and the marketization of every vital space. Three days of workshops, games, parties, debates, exchanges and collective learning.

The event is totally self-managed: there are no organizers or users, but only participants.

F.A.Q - read this if you want to know more


From Friday July 2nd to Sunday July 4th 2010


Centro Sociale Autogestito "La Torre"

via Bertero 13 Rome - Italy 
The Warm up meetings will take place from April to June all around Rome (read the warmup page for more info) 

If you want to participate with a seminar, just sign up on the ML and propose your idea. Meanwhile, publish it on the wiki with date, duration and topic. Everything is self-managed. 

How much does it cost?

The hackmeeting is free (as in both beer and freedom). At the entrance there will be a free appeal to contribute to organization and warmup costs