Digital countercultures, economies without capital, free speech against repression
Hackmeeting - 19-20-21 Giugno 2009 - Milano

After ten years, Hackmeeting is coming back to Milan.
Three days to introduce the Babau, or Bogey, to those who are imprisoned by fear, to introduce peer to peer economy to those who were deluded by suicidal economics, to relaunch horizontal exchange for those who have forgotten this natural and instinctive practice on which the whole human evolution is based.
Control and hierarchies have been made up by people willing to exercise a monopoly over development, disrupting social fabrics so as to benefit from the deriving instability.

It is not by chance that Hackmeeting is coming back to Milan. Organizing this new Hackmeeting in a city that has abolished every social space means bringing up a sore point, showing that different ideas do exist -- non commercial approaches that generate human wealth and go beyond business interests; reasons of social happiness and benign viruses against crisis.
This is why Hackmeeting will be preceded by a Warmup period: a cycle of meetings regarding *p2p*, *fear* and *control* that will take place in the main universities of Milan.

Hackmeeting is the annual meeting of communities, (not only) digital countercultures and individuals who have adopted a critical and proactive approach towards the advancement of new technologies -- which are more and more tied to social control, the business of war and the marketization of every vital space. Three days of workshops, games, parties, debates, exchanges and collective learning.
The event is totally self-managed: there are no organizers or users, but only participants.



From Friday 19th June to Sunday 21st June 2009


Centro Sociale SOS fornace
via San Martino 20

The Warmup meetings will take place in Università Bicocca, Bovisa, Department of Politica Science, and in the social centre Torchiera in the week before the events.