what it is

hackmeeting is the meeting of the counterculture digital communities and individuals that have a critical but propositive approach over the boost of new technologies, which are more and more tied to social control, wars and to the commercialization of livings and experiences. to answer this, we promote a three days of workshops, debates, ideas exchange,  collective learn and sharing, "hands on" experiences, party and gaming.
this meeting is completely self managed: we don't have staff and users, but only contributors.


Every year the meeting takes place in a different italian town in agreement with local groups who have a "self managed" approach as the meeting.
this year it will be in Pisa, by "Rebeldia" squat, Via Battisti 51/633, five minutes on foot coming from the Pisa central train station.


hackmeeting 2007 will be from friday 28th of september till sunday 30 september, but since it is a "self managed event", everybody is invited to come two or three days in advance to setup all the spaces and accomodations. :)
bring what you would like to find there.

who is invited to join

If you are not a real hacker, stay home. at hackmeeting we want only REAL hackers.
In our definition a real hacker is someone who wants to manage *self and her/his life accordingly to her/his beliefs and knows the way to do it. Even if he never has seen a computer in his life. in this perspective every group and individual who agree our manifesto are welcome.

how much does it cost

nobody has to pay a fee. you can access the meeting for free, this to prove we can organize meetings, social relations and then even our livings without the exclusive mediation of money.
anyway, if you are willing to support the costs of a three days event you are free to do it.
there will be a price just for food (cooked by our cookers) and we will ask a contribution to all the groups who will set up a stand with their material.

what should I bring

If you are willing to use a pc bring also an extension cord for power supply. don't forget some network device, ethernet or wifi.
Bring all the hardware you are willing to hack and don't forget a sleeping bag or your favourite keyboard/pillow.

where can I sleep during the meeting?

there will be some rooms for sleeping bags for the people coming from other towns.


for helping to make a better hackmeeting you can subscribe the mailing list  or  irc  on  irc.autistici.org channel  #hackit99

Si puo' campeggiare ?

Rebeldia disponde di un ampio parcheggio in asfalto anni 90, se siete provvisti di picchetti per l'asfalto potrete godervi il piacere di dormire su questo ritrovato di epoca neo moderna.

Si avvisano i campeggiatori che le le tende saranno in competizione col parcheggio dei camper ...